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More Reasons to Promote Yourself and Your Business With a Podcast

May 12, 2021

There are many reasons to start a podcast. We will get into the specifics of each of these reasons in later. But here’s a list for now: • Build a connection between you, your business and your costumers/clientso Let your customers/clients know that you care enough about them to keep them informed of things that are happening with you and your business • Establish yourself as an authority As your audience listens to your show they will understand that you have taken the time to do the research and become an expert in your chosen field • Remain top of mind for your customers and clients • Introduce yourself to future customers and clients Help your future clients get to Know, Like and Trust you BEFORE you meet them in person • Podcasts offer immense convenience to consumers • Build connections within your industry • Turn your knowledge into public speaking opportunities • Podcast Listeners are loyal, engaged and generally have disposable income • Hosting a podcast will help develop your skills in the areas of: public speaking, story telling and listening

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