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Getting Your Podcast Listed in The Directories

May 12, 2021

OK…You’ve decided to start a podcast. You know your topic. You have a name. You have an idea of the type of show format you are to use. Now it’s time to set up your podcast feed and get it listed on all the directories. Starting is not necessarily difficult but there are several steps to ensuring that podcast is set up correctly and listed in all the important podcast directories. Each directory has it’s own requirements and specifications. If your podcast fails to meet these requirements your listing will be rejected. There are many reasons to use a professional podcast producer when starting your podcast and the setup process may be the best. There are dozens upon dozens of podcast directories where you can list your show. But, there are a handful of major listings where you should place your focus: • Apple Podcasts/iTunes• Spotify• Stitcher• Google Play• TuneIn Other directories populate themselves automatically through Apple Podcasts. Getting listed in the major directories requires submitting your RSS Feed for approval. Each of these directories has its own requirements for submission. For example in order to be listed in Apple Podcasts/iTunes, you will first need to have artwork (that meets Apple’s requirements) and have at least one active episode. As your podcast listings get approved each directory will create a URL specific to your show. Once you get these URLs you will be able to promote and acquire subscribers.

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