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The Beginning of FriedoNation Productions

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

October 13, 2020

After a 24 year career in talk radio, I started FriedoNation Productions in 2016. At first I was simply going to turn my radio show into a podcast. But I had a 6 month non-compete with ESPNRadio that I needed to complete. Instead of fighting or ignoring the non-compete I decided to spend the next 6 months getting involved in my community. During the next 6 months I was able to get ore involved in volunteering for Special Olympics which is a huge passion of mine And I blindly joined The Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce without having any idea of what The Chamber did or how they operated (more about this later). Even though I was very familiar with podcasts, I also spent the 6 months becoming more and more educated about the industry. Whether it was researching on the web, reading books or actually listening to podcasts I devoured content about podcasts. I wanted to learn as much as possible. Very quickly I learned that podcasts offered much more than entertaining content. Podcasts offered opportunity. Opportunity to deliver very focused message to a very focused audience. Opportunity to tell your story in an economic and efficient manner. Opportunity to introduce yourself to potential customers and clients. Opportunity to allow others to know, like and trust you before they ever even meet you in person. After learning about the opportunities that podcasting offered, I shifted my focus away from simply turning my radio show into a podcast. I started focusing on helping other business owners promote themselves using podcasts. After joining The Allen Fairview Chamber it became very apparent that marketing was a very big challenge to many of the small business owners I met. Podcasts offer such an effective and inexpensive way to market your business it was a perfect match,

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