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Have Fun With Your Podcast

April 25, 2021

You've probably heard it a thousand times: "Anybody can start a podcast!" This is very true and part of the beauty of podcasts. Everyone has a story to tell. All you need to start a podcast is an idea and a recording device. Starting a podcast can seem very simple. Staying consistent with your podcast is not as easy. As a matter of fact, you can find tens of thousands of podcasts that have fewer than 5 episodes. "Podfade" is a term within the podcasting industry. Podfade occurs when a podcaster simply stops recording and publishing new episodes. One of the main reasons for podfade is that the podcast becomes "work" for the podcaster. Once it becomes "work" it is no longer fun. Recording can be easy and should be fun. But recording the episode is just the beginning of the process. The actual work occurs after the recording session. The editing, producing, uploading and promoting can be very detailed, time consuming and boring for most people. Even if you have the skills to handle these tasks efficiently, they are simply not "fun". Keeping the process fun is a key to avoiding podfade. One of the best ways to keep it fun is to simply let other people handle these tasks. Letting others do the "work" allows you to work more efficiently and focus on your content. But more importantly, it allows you to keep the process fun.

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